My name is Serg Eskizart and I have been engaged in photography for more than 10 years, 7 of which I spent in the real estate sector. During this time, I took photos of more than 3000 real estate objects. These are hundreds of thousands of interior photos. 


Today I work with top companies that sell real estate in the elite area of Spain - Costa del Sol, as well as with some private customers who sell elite lots in closed areas. 


My team consists of professional designers, retouchers, virtual staging.


We must know what we are doing because portfolios and reputation of the architects, designers and real estate agencies depend on us. 


Why is that? Because photography sells. 


The fate of an elite villa or apartment largely depends on the photographer because the visual is not a dry documentary. Photography conveys not only the textures and shapes of the interior, but also the atmosphere.


It takes a moment for the client to fall in love with the image of the house or be disappointed in it. So it depends on one photo whether the viewing of the property and, possibly, the sale transaction will take place. 


Professional photo and video materials are a guarantee of client traffic, which is converted into money.


And here is why Eskizart can guarantee you quality content —-> 


Our team strives for perfection and we have strict quality standards: 

 ⁃ Most modern equipment 

 ⁃ Awareness of the world’s achievements in interior photography (trends etc) 

 ⁃ Constant upgrades and training for the team 

 ⁃ High speed communication (client receives photos 48 hours after the end of shooting) 


We create all forms of content that will allow a potential buyer to freely explore the object before signing the transaction documents.



 ⁃ Professional photography

 ⁃ Professional video shooting

 ⁃ Creation of 3D tours of the real estate object

 ⁃ Legal drone shooting


You can also order a full content package from us to fill all of your/your clients’ digital resources: 

 ⁃ Social network accounts (Stories, photos, videos, graphics, and so on

 ⁃ Websites

 ⁃ Ad aggregators

 ⁃ Staging



 ⁃ We work with the largest real estate agencies

 ⁃ We know how to make content that will sell 

 ⁃ We have been in the market for 7 years 

 ⁃ We produce high quality content made with most up to date equipment. 

 ⁃ We create all kinds of content 

 ⁃ We value your time and communicate quickly 


Interior photography is a niche branch of photography. To take at least one successful picture of an object, natural and attractive, requires not only skill and professional technique, but also the talent of the photographer. Our team has hundreds of thousands of successful photos in its portfolio, which distinguishes us from other market players.